ACL Tear? Are You Ready Fo Rehab?

Your Career Does Not Have To End After An ACL Tear

Have you injured you ACL?  You may be ready for rehab. Pain management physicians will begin by increasing your range of motion through physical therapy. The objective is to build strength to the damaged region.

Football players, skiers, trail runners, soccer players, who suffer a ACL tear / knee injury will look for alternative treatments rather than go under the knife.

Through physical therapy and specific exercises, a patient will start to strengthen the damaged muscle group. Injuries to the kneecap, hamstring, meniscus, and the ACL require physical therapy / rehabilitation treatments in order to return to the activity lifestyle they once had.

Rehab after surgery, can take five months, even a couple of years. If your an athlete maintaining tone in the knee and rebuilding muscle strength is key to recovery. Time, patience, and hard physical work is required to rebuild tone and muscle. It may appear as a long road to recovery, but worth the wait if you professional that requires healthy physical strength and endurance.

Finding the right doctors that specialize in physical therapy is half the battle in recovering from an ACL injury. According to Sports Medicine Doctors in New York, it’s not just about feeling better, it’s about recover and ensuring there is little to no risk of re-injury — total healing is required to rehabilitate the knee.

ACL Rehab

Are You Ready For Rehab After A Knee Injury?