Choosing the best treatment for your back pain

Discover the best treatment for your back pain

31 million Americans experience low-back pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, there is hope for pain relief. The first step is diagnosing exactly what it is that is causing your pain, and then choosing what the best treatment for your pain.

DHD Medical, P.C. located in Brooklyn on Ralph Avenue / 4th Avenue and in Manhattan on Madison Ave, specializes in diagnosing and treating spine and joint pain.

One major cause of back pain is compression fractures. According to The Spine Institute of New York,
vertebral fractures most often result from a very hard fall or traumatic car accident, or any other event ( a forceful jump) that stresses the spine past its breaking point.

Individuals who have suffered a fracture experience severe pain that can disrupt their daily activities leading to long periods of bed rest and limited activity. Other health issues arise including trouble breathing, addiction to pain medication, depression, and possible death.

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Treatments for back pain:

Common treatments for a compression fracture are bracing, decreasing activity, and mild pain medications. Medications however, do not help in the recovery of a fracture, they just provide temporarily pain relief.

What is the recommended pain treatment? Non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedures, suggested by your treating physician, are recommended to treat compression fractures.

Before any treatment is prescribed, the physicians at DHD Medical, P.C.  will first diagnose what is causing the pain, so they can effectively start a treatment plan unique to the patients condition.

Dr. David Delman, a board certified pain management physician at DHD Medical, P.C. educates the patient first  on his or her current condition allowing them the option to choose the best course of treatment.



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