Emergency Room For Chronic Back Pain

The ER is NOT The place to treat chronic back pain.

Low back pain is the number one reason millions of Americans miss work. Hospital throughout the U.S. do not consider people who suffer from chronic back pain in dire straits. People who suffer chronic pain, from a herniated disc, and suffering chronic pain, are treated carelessly by ER doctors.

Hospitals and ER doctors utilize MRI’s, CT scans, and hospital records to adequately diagnose patients complaining of back pain. If they properly tested each patient they would be able to separate individuals suffering back pain and those seeking pain medication due to addiction. Immediately individuals suffering chronic pain are categorized as someone who has a substance abuse issue seeking medications, and not truly suffering from pain.

You pretty much have to be injured in a bleeding with broken bones after a very horrible car accident to be taken seriously. People who suffer from chronic pain are always second guessed. ER doctors are hesitant when treating people in pain.

Emergency room physicians do not consider back pain an emergency.  In their mind back pain is not a life threatening condition. Chronic back pain should be treated by physicians that specialize in back pain. Often times scheduling an appointment with a pain management clinic that specializes back pain.

The ER treats emergencies which may include individuals suffering back injury from a fall, heavy lifting or a torn  ligament. For chronic back pain it’s probably best to see a back pain specialist.

Chronic pain care

Pain management clinic best alternative to seeking treatment in the emergency room.