Back and neck pain

What’s causing your back and neck pain?

What triggers back & neck pain?

  1. Sitting at your desk for hours on end. Slouching.
  2. Your sleeping position.
  3. STRESS an be the catalyst to your pain.
  4. Injury from an vehicle accident sudden force (whiplash)
  5. work accident
  6. sports injury can cause your back and neck pain.
  7. Weight-lifting – overextending the muscles.
  8. Pinched nerve in the neck – Damaged or injured nerve.
  9. Muscle strain or soft tissue sprain (ligaments, tendons).
  10. Pres-existing conditions.
What triggers back and neck pain?

Local New York doctors treating back and neck pain.

There is a number of back and neck pain causes. A fall or an accident, bad sleeping position, poor posture, or fatigue. If your suffering pain in your neck or back, it’s probably time to visit a pain doctor. Treatment may include non-surgical care such as medication, physical therapy and pain management. Pain when properly treated can improve with time with proper treatment.