Jay-Z Proves Worker’s Comp Lawsuit was Errornous

It appears that a lawsuit directed against Jay-Z by the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York will not find its way to court. The lawsuit was first reportedlast week but it seems that the dispute was simply the result of clerical error.

According to the original reports, Jay-Z was being sued for $18,000 because he had allegedly failed to insure the employees of his TriBeCa home for three months in 2009. Jay-Z promptly corrected the error by immediately acquiring coverage, but allegedly missed payments for the three month period which resulted in the potential fine as even a minor lapse in coverage is prohibited by Worker’s Compensation.

His representatives immediately responded to reports of the lawsuit saying that the issue was simply a clerical mistake, although Worker’s Compensation had secured a judgement on November 22nd, 2011 from the Supreme Court which required Jay-Z to pay the fine. But Hov’s lawyers managed to demonstrate that no lapse had ever occurred and the judgement is expected to be reversed in the next few days.

An individual close to Jay-Z stated simply that “there’s never been a missed payment,” and the rapper’s representatives worked with the Worker’s Compensation Board to demonstrate that the failed payment was nothing more than a paperwork foul-up, finally convincing officials in Albany on December 29th. “After consulting with the employer’s insurer, the board expects this matter to be resolved in the next few days, resulting in the judgment being vacated,” Brian Keegan, the spokesman for the New York Workers’ Compensation Board, told the NY Post.