Automobile Accident Advice

Automobile accidents occur frequently in New York. This is largely due to the enormous traffic conditions and rushing around that commuters are faced with every day. Whether one is trying to get to work on time or home to loved ones, rarely is the driving experience one of relaxation. Many distractions cause motorists to take chances and pay less attention to the road. Cell phones, music, and texting now further reduce the awareness necessary to navigate the road safely. Other factors such as intoxication, drugs, mood swings, anger, and plain stupidity make it virtually impossible not to be involved in an accident sooner or later.


Often times, drivers can be on their very best behavior and still have a collision as a result of another reckless driver. This, of course, causes the motorist to have to watch out for others as well as themselves. The object is to reduce as many dangerous factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents, says Alan Ripka, Esq. This is a conscious effort that includes NEVER getting behind the wheel of a car if anything causes you to be less than 100% perceptive. Being sick, overly tired, taking prescription drugs, being angry or willing to disobey traffic laws to satisfy your personal needs are just a few examples of when NOT to drive. Presumably, the more obvious and proven killers of innocent bystanders are operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This practice is absolutely irresponsible and all, with no exception, should shun the selfish motorist and prevent them from driving.


Unfortunately, car accidents are a way of life. In dealing with the injuries that are sustained you should remember the following checklist; don’t ever leave the scene of an accident without making a police report, be certain to go to an emergency room and discuss all your injuries to be sure you’re alright, seek out an attorney that has practiced law in this field, and be certain that all the paperwork with time deadlines are filled out and served like a no fault application and notice of claim, amongst others.


Navigating through an accident can be complicated, and having the right attorney can give you peace of mind, says Alan Ripka, Esq., a lawyer who practices law in this field. If you or that of a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The professional team of lawyers at Napoli Bern Ripka Law Firm can evaluate your situation and determine the next steps to gain justice for you and your family. Napoli Bern Ripka, LLP has fought against large companies in other matters and will fight for you if we believe you have a potential case for medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury, and is prepared to go to court and have a trial if necessary. Please contact our office and submit or call and ask for Alan Ripka, one of our partners. Please mention that you read our blog.