Effective Treatment

I sustained knee and lower back injuries from a motor vehicle accident and had been living with the pain and discomfort for about two years when my medical doctor recommended that I try Dr.Tolat an car accident injury specialist.

Before the accident, I was able to lift heavy objects, walk properly, go to the gym, do grocery shopping and laundry. After the accident, I needed assistance to lift and carry, couldn’t go to the gym, and I also needed assistance to shower.

Originally, after the accident, I received therapy in the hospital, but it wasn’t very extensive. At the time I couldn’t even put any weight on my foot. The therapy I received thanks to Dr. Tolat was much more extensive and I’ve experienced significant improvement. For example, in the past, I needed a walker and crutches to get around, but now I only need a cane.

I feel that the physical therapy Dr. Tolat recommended was much more intensive. Both the therapist and Dr. Tolat are very friendly and caring. The office staff also treated me very well, and everyone took the time to answer my questions.

Evelyn A.

Treated for: Low-back pain & Knee injury

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