Effective Treatment

Physicians, Physiatry and Results

When it comes to diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain and injury, it's results that matter most. Here are just a few real life stories that demonstrate how MSR supported physicians have helped patients, and those who refer them, by delivering results that truly set a new standard.

The case studies below are just a small glimpse into the real-life successes that make physiatry a smart choice for people with musculoskeletal pain.

Musculoskeletal Specialists

When Gail, a 45-year-old female, sustained injuries to her neck and low back in a motor vehicle accident, she went to her primary physician and a chiropractor, but didn't find relief until visiting a physiatrist…Read More

When A Second Surgery Won't Work

Due to the severity of this second tear, he was not a surgical candidate; therefore, recommendations were for physical therapy and a home exercise program…Read More

Non-surgical Options

Anne's primary care physician suggested that see an orthopedic surgeon for a knee replacement. Scared to undergo surgery, Anne decided to consult a MSR-supported physiatrist for a second opinion…Read More

Comprehensive Care

Several days after an automobile accident, Nancy realized that the pain in her neck, back, right shoulder and headaches, was not going away on its own, so she visited an MSR-supported physiatrist…Read More

A Results Driven Process

A 25-year-old woman named Glenda was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained low back injury, so she visited an MSR-supported physiatrist…Read More

Getting People Back to Work

A 25-year-old man named Carlos consulted his MSR-supported PM&R specialist after he had sustained a left elbow injury secondary to a work related accident…Read More

Persistent Treatment

Miguel returned to his physiatrist, after his back pain worsened and he had complaints of pain traveling into the leg…Read More

Avoid Unnecessary Treatment

Often a patient is misdiagnosed with left knee internal derangement. A patient may even undergo a procedure to the left knee mistakenly…Read More

Treating a More Complicated Case

Patricia, a remarkable 59 year-old foster mother sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident when she was the driver of a car hit by another vehicle...Read More

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to take the next step in being free from pain and injury? Contact an MSR supported physician.

TOP 10 REASONS to Visit a Physiatrist

  • 1. Physiatry is a medical specialty
  • 2. Physiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.s and D.O.s)
  • 3. Physiatrists treat the whole person, not just a condition
  • 4. Physiatrists use the latest treatments and modalities
  • 5. No problem is ever too small or too big for a physiatrist
  • 6. Physiatry treatment is highly individualized to meet the specific needs of the patient
  • 7. Physiatry can often help people avoid surgery
  • 8. The physiatrist's job is restore as much function and independence as possible—to put the pieces of people's lives back together
  • 9. The physiatrist works with a team of health care professionals that includes physicians of other medical specialties, and therapists
  • 10. Physiatrists can help with acute and chronic pain management issues