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Understanding Your Pain

Spine Injections - Pain Relief

Spinal injections are a suggested way to reduce inflammation and help relieve back pain. Spinal injections are a simple procedure with very low risk.

Are you experiencing lower back pain and unable to work, recovering from an accident or surgery? - - we can help!

Pain management physicians after a thorough exam may suggest that you have a spinal injection to help reduce pain and improve functionality. Spinal injections relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Injections will aslo help doctors pinpoint thes source of pain.

Your Spine & Injections

Vertebrae bones or segments composing the spinal column.
  • Cervical vetebrae located in the neck.
  • Thoracic vertebrae located in the mid to upper back.
  • Lumbar vertebrae are in the lower back.
Spinal discs are spongy shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae. A herniated disc may cause inflammation and pain. Spinal nerves are mixed nerves from the spinal cord exiting the spinal column that transmit signals to the body. These nerves can be irritated or inflamed, causing severe pain. Injecting the epidural space that covers the spinal nerves reduces spinal nerve inflammation and alleviates pain.

Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by MN Car Accidents and Work Injuries

How many injections?

The number spinal injection depends on how pain relief you need. Diagnostic injections are are commonly performed twice. Therapeutic injections can be performed up to five times a year.

Spinal Injection
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"I had pain in my lower back after I was hurt on the job . I received two shots from my doctor and my pain started to go away.

Immediately I started to feel instant relief and then after two weeks, the pain was completely gone.

Thanks to DHD I've been given me back my life..."

Spinal Treatments

  • 1. Herniated Disc Treatment
  • 2. Degenerative Disc Disease
  • 3. Nerve Pain Treatment
  • 4. Cervical Spine Rehabilitation
  • 5. Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation
  • 6. Spinal Stenosis Pain
  • 7. Disc Bulge Treatment
  • 8. L5 Back Pain
  • 9. C5 C6 Disc Surgery
  • 10. Herniated Disc Pain