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Slip and Fall NY Doctors

Have you been injured in the workplace and need doctor to treat your back injury? Do you need help with a workers comp claim?

Have you been to a number of doctors who have diagnosed you with fibromyalgia, (lower back pain caused from strained back muscles), nerve damage, pinched nerves, thoracic outlet syndrome (combination of pain in the neck and shoulder) and and so on?

An injury to the upper back, neck or arms from a slip and fall can be painful and require treatment and pain management for recovery. If you are experiencing excruciating pain and muscle spasm from an injury you received at work have one of our doctors examine you today.

A total of 63 work injuries were reported in New York City in 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported, 27 less than a year ago.

Occupational Fall Injuries Include
Fall to lower level
Fall from ladder
Fall from scaffold, staging
Fall to lower level, not elsewhere classified
Fall on same level
Fall to floor, walkway, or other surface

We provide patients with treatment specific to their physical condition, and psychological assessment.

Services Provided

Quality Medical Evaluation
Traumatic Injury Claims
Occupational Disease Claims
PTSD and Consequential Injuries Claims
Work Restrictions Due to Cervical Spine Injuries
Previous Injury Recurrence Claims
A Fall To The Work Surface Injury Claim
Doctors X-RAY For Slip and Fall Back Injury
Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation
Chronic Pain Management
Letters of Medical Necessity
Impairment Rating
Employment Stress Claims

Pain And Suffering From An Accident

If you or someone you know, has been injured in an slip and fall accident at work, from a scaffold fall, slip off a ladder, heavy machinery accident, falling object, or back injury due to heavy lifting; you are entitled to New York State workers compensation benefits.

Choose BC doctors throughout New York / NJ that provide pain management, joint therapy, trigger point injections, facet injections, lumbar epidural injections, rhizotomies, spinal cord stimulator trails, & Pain Medications.

We Make Your Back Injury Claim Easy

Scaffolding Work-Related Injury

MSR Supported Workers Compensation Doctors:

We will walk you through the workers comp paper work, contact your insurance company and ensure treatment for your injuries will be covered. We will document your current state of health whilemaking sure that any paperwork needed from insurance companies and/or workers compensation is in order.

Treatment for your injury from a workplace accident may be paid for by your insurance for years to come. Find a Doctor in New York (NY) who accepts worker's compensation insurance in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau Suffolk County, and Long Island, NY.

Multilingual Staff 

Our multilingual staff, speaking Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Swedish, treats all patients with respect.

Our New York Inury Doctors

Injured at Work? Pain and Injury Doctors of New York are Board Certified. No Referral Needed! Injured Worker Treatment Covered At 100% on Approved Claims.

MSR doctors familiar with workers' compensation, implement pain managment plans that gets injured workers healthy and back to work.

Put your trust in any one of our workers' comp doctors. Our NY doctors are medical professionals who diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

We help individuals injured in a auto accident, slip and fall, or a work related injury recover from surgery get the proper physical rehabilitation.

Workers Compensation Assistance:

Back Injuries, Broken Bones, Concussions, Facial Injuries, Fractures, Head Injuries, Herniated Discs, Hip Fractures, Inflamed Tendons, Neck Injuries, Sciatic Nerve Irritation, Spinal Injuries, Sprains, Torn Ligaments...

New York Workers' Compensation

Same day appointments and free transportation. If you need workers comp assitance, we can help. Please fill-out the form below.

Please note* Most major medical health insurance accepted.

Please note* Listed providers above accept Workers' Compensation / No Fault Insurance. Choose board certified New York sciatica doctors: 1-800-949-6100. Sciatica Doctor in Manhattan: Financial District | Midtown Manhattan, NYC | Washington Heights  Brooklyn: Brighton Beach Bushwick | Canarsie | Flatbush | Sunset Park Queens: Astoria | Bellerose | Rego Park Bronx: North Bronx | South Bronx | Tremont Westchester County: New Rochelle | White PlainsNassau County (Long Island): Bellmore | Hempstead | Westbury | Valley Stream Suffolk County (Long Island): Deer Park | Medford | Smithtown New Jersey: Teaneck North Bergen, NJ

Find a Workers Comp Physician

Find a licensed, board-certified physiatrist near you right now.

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