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Understanding Your Pain

Spine Surgery Post-operative Care

Depending on the type spinal surgery, a patient may require physical therapy before and after surgery.

Spine doctors through MSR can help diagnose and treat your back and neck problems. We will connect you with a professional in your area.

Call: 1-800-949-6100 To cure back pain before and after surgey.

Our MSR doctors inNew York provide physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our doctors focus on reducing swelling and controling your pain through therapeutic exercise.

MSR offers pain management services to patients in the New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island metro area.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy are key to a patients recovery after back surgery. Exercises helps strengthen the back and speed proper recovery following the procedure.

Physical therapy after back surgery includes pain managementand allows the rebuilding of the back muscles.

If you've been living with sever and chronic back pain for some time, get the relief you need. The key is proper diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors spend considerable time preparing a patient for spine surgery. Preparations include learning about the spinal procedure, recovery, pre-operative testing and prparing for aftercare.

MSR Doctors and staff are always polite and listen to you without making you feel that you’re taking up his time.

Back Surgery - Spine Surgery

New York Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine

  • Discectomy
  • Foramenotomy
  • Laminectomy
  • Spine Fusion
  • Spinal Disc Replacement

Conditions Treated:

  • Neck Pain - Back Pain - Migraines/Headaches
  • Whiplash Injuries - Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Automobile Accident Injuries
  • Shoulder Pain - Knee Pain - Hip Pain
  • Sciatica - Numbness/Tingling in Arms or Legs
  • Disc Injuries - Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Operative Spine Care
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If you decide to have spine surgery, our doctors can help you prepare mentally and physically.

Preparation includes planning ahead for the surgery, and following your doctor's preoperative instructions.

Contact an MSR supported New York Spinal Cord Injury Doctor.


"I am thankful for the excellent care that I recieved from my spine doctor.

I had a car accident that injured my back affecting my spine. I was having severe pain in the lower back and required surgery

Now after surgery, with physical therapy and rehabilitation I am doing great!

Thanks to DHD I've been given me back my life..."

Spinal Treatments

  • 1. Herniated Disc Treatment
  • 2. Degenerative Disc Disease
  • 3. Nerve Pain Treatment
  • 4. Cervical Spine Rehabilitation
  • 5. Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation
  • 6. Spinal Stenosis Pain
  • 7. Disc Bulge Treatment
  • 8. L5 Back Pain
  • 9. C5 C6 Disc Surgery
  • 10. Herniated Disc Pain