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Are you in need of an experienced board certified physician to treat your chronic pain from an auto accident or work-related injury? For your convenience Musculoskeletal Resources in New York  provides access to board certified pain management specialists in the new York / New Jersey area.

Search Board Certified NY / NJ Doctors.

Search Board Certified New York / New Jersey Doctors.

The good news is, YOU HAVE A CHOICE on where and with whom you want to be treated. The right doctor will probably be a board certified physician that understands the types of injuries that happen at work and what the best treatments would be.

Employees injured on the job need to ensure that their  workers compensation doctor is board certified and licensed to practice medicine. Be aware however that a  medical license is not the same as being board certified.

A medical license allows a physician to diagnose and treat patients; however it is not specialty specific. Board Certification demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or sub-specialty of medical practice.

General Practice Vs. Specialist

It’s of course our expectation is to assume that all doctors went to medical school and are licensed to practice medicine. After all they posses the MD./ DO on their office door. Board certified doctors must complete a residency, i.e. training in the medical specialty of their choice. (e.g. internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and  family practice, etc.). Once training is complete the physician is then “board certified” in the specialty.

Specialties For Chronic Pain

  • Pain Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
  • Sports Medicine

Find Out if Your Doctor is Board Certified

The ABMS (American Board Of Medical Specialties) offers a free search to ensure that your doctor is certified in his or her medical specialty.

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