Soft Tissue Injury From Accidents

Soft Tissue Injury / Whiplash

Injury of the neck is often times caused by motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls.

Risk factors Include:
Increasing age and prior neck injury.

Symptoms Include:
Localized pain, neck tenderness, decreased range of motion of the neck, headache, paresthesias of the upper extremities, pain in the shoulders or between the shoulder blades, dizziness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression, impaired concentration, irritability, and nervousness.



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History and physical exam with a complete neurological exam.

Oral pain medications, muscle relaxants, local application of ice or heat, physical therapy, traction, massage, local injections, ultrasound, and temporary use of a soft cervical collar.

Hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck.

Use of head rests in cars.

Common, although actual incidence unknown due to underreporting.

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Sports Injuries

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Studies have indicated that soft-tissue compression combined with local temperature alterations demonstrate significant enhancement in the healing potential of soft-tissue injuries.

Studies also show that  controlled increases in thermal temperature have a significant effect on the tensile properties of skeletal muscle, which results in increased joint range of motion and reduced muscle tension that help reduce potential muscle strain injuries.

More studies demonstrate that warm and more compliant muscles absorb more energy than non-stimulated muscle tissue, which results in improved resistance to biomechanical load.

There has been an emergence in physical therapy of evaluation and intervention based on neurodynamics, the relationship between nerve physiology and nerve mechanics. To treat patients with nerve injuries, it is essential to understand peripheral nerve structure and plasticity.

The purpose of this appraisal is to review the structural and biomechanical properties of peripheral nerves and then to discuss how nerves respond to physical stresses. Our physical therapists understand the adaptive responses of nerves to specific physical stresses and are prepared to provide the types of treatment necessary to modify specific aspects of the stresses. Our doctors educate patients in injury prevention and self-care so that they can continue to go down the path of improving functionality and their quality of life.

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Jump to Residual stress – [edit]. In physiological state soft tissues usually present residual stress that may be released when the tissue is excised.

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