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Who Can Benefit

Attorney Scott Strauss

Dr. Gregorace:

Allow me to extend my gratitude, as you and your office staff provide care to my clients, prompt responses to my inquiries, and also understand the time constraints and cooperation necessary to pursue a bodily lawsuit. When recently faced with a motion for summary judgment, your office, when contacted by my client, set up an appointment to examine my client within 24 hours, and forwarded a medical report 24 hours later. It was obvious that a thorough examination had been performed and objective documentation secured. As a result, I was able to prepare opposition papers which included an affirmation for your review and signature. I received the affirmation back expeditiously to offer my opposition papers which eventually defeated the defendant's motion for summary judgment.

Your professionalism is greatly appreciated and I would never hesitate to make a referral to your offices.

Thanks again to you and your staff.

Scott Strauss
Beck & Strauss, P.L.L.C.