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Attorney Steven Medina

My name is Steven Medina and I have been a personal injury attorney in the New York City/Long Island area for over twenty years. I have personally represented hundreds of accident victims who were involved in all different types of accidents (including, but not limited, to "MVA" cases, "slip n fall" cases, labor law cases, etc.). During my twenty years of practice, my clients have treated with numerous medical offices throughout the City of New York/ Long Island area. From my observation and experience, the quality of care, as well as documentation of clients' injuries, from medical office to medical office can many times be inconsistent, unreliable and not very helpful.

However, it is my opinion, that one of the best network of independent doctors for good, innovative and reliable care, as well as documentation of the clients' injuries, is the Musculoskeletal Resources network.

Not only do to the doctors who MSR supports provide quality care to victims of accident cases, but they make certain to document in a complete and comprehensive fashion (inclusive of narrative reports, MRI Reports, EKG reports and any other diagnostic testing). Their turn around time for interim reports and final reports is fast, without any undue delays. More importantly, the doctors who they support are available to testify and sign affidavits in connection with summary judgment motions.

In conclusion, if your clients are not seeing one of the independent physicians who MSR supports, your clients are missing an opportunity to get quality care as well as to improve their chances for a better recovery in connection with their personal injury matters. Not only have my clients used doctors in the MSR network, but many of my own family members and friends have used them as well with great success.