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Who Can Benefit

Attorney David Roth, Esq.

The independent doctors supported by Musculoskeletal Resources have treated our clients on many occasions over the years, and they always report a positive experience – feeling that they were treated like people, not numbers. In each instance, our clients have reported to us that they have been treated respectfully and did not have to wait for an unreasonable time to be seen. The positive experiences that our clients have had were also reflected in the manner and speed with which our requests for records have been met.

Doctors You Can Trust

The doctors who MSR supports have always been responsive to getting our office whatever records we need in an expeditious manner and if the client needs assistance in setting up an appointment they staff that that supported these doctors has been extremely helpful.

In a recent matter, Dr. Visco was asked to do a recent examination of one of our clients for the purpose of opposing a threshold motion. He completed the exam and issued a report within an extremely short period of time. The report was a complete and comprehensive evaluation that gave objective measurements of the ranges of motion that were restricted. Dr. Visco's time and attention to this matter was invaluable to the client’s treatment as well as the clients case.