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You don’t have to live with chronic pain. No more worries about things falling apart around you, missing work, losing relationships, feeling physically and mentally broken. Pain and injury doctors help you manage your pain. Start living a pain free life today.

Workers Compensation Answers

Workers Compensation

Back To Work Too Soon¬† Workers Compensation Question My employer recommended doctor is sending me back to work too soon. I was released by the physician to return to work, even though I expressed to him that I was still feeling pain from my injury and did not feel strong enough to go back to …

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MusculoSkeletal Resources is now on Twitter!

Pain Management Clinics in New York Now On Twitter!

MusculoSkeletal Resources New York Pain and Injury Care Pain Management Clinics in New York / New Jersey now on twitter. MusculoSkeletal Resources New York Pain Care is one of the leading medical doctor networks specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of pain related conditions. Patients receive compassionate care and a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment …

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