Town Avoids Major Hike in Workers’ Comp Costs

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – The Pound Ridge Town Board dodged a fiscal bullet this past week when it averted a 147 percent increase in the town’s workers’ compensation costs.

The board held a special meeting Saturday to deal with the issue after it was brought to its attention by the town’s insurance agency. If nothing had been done by Jan. 1, the old policy would have continued and the 147 percent rate hike would have kicked in.

“We were able to get in a state fund called the New York State Public Entities Group,” said Town Clerk Joanne Pace. “We had to make sure it was apples to apples – that the coverage was just the same.”

Pace said when the town’s insurance agent saw what was about to happen, he came to the board with the proposal.

“We needed to have a resolution ,” Pace said. “We had to do it by Jan. 1 – that’s why we had the special meeting.”

In other news from the meeting, the town approved a request for a commercial filming permit from Urban Productions to film a milk commercial at 76 Cross River Rd. However, since the approval was given, the production company decided to film elsewhere.

“They found this house in Pound Ridge that they thought was perfect, but they found another house and changed their minds,” Pace said. “It’s too bad.”

Also at the meeting, the board accepted the resignation of Pound Ridge Police Officer Peter Olsen. Olsen is leaving to take a full-time position as an investigator with the New York State Attorney General’s Office. As his replacement, the board appointed Tom Ritchie to the part-time post. Ritchie is also a member of the Lewisboro Police Department and the Vista Fire Department.

“He is also an EMT and we liked that,” Pace said.