Winter Weather Conditions Causing Slip and Fall Injuries in New York

Winter weather conditions of snow and ice have lead to slip and fall injuries in New York this season. Record snowfalls, freezing temperatures, icy and slushy streets and windy conditions have all contributed to creating slick sidewalks, streets, stairways and even building entryways. These increased hazards have led to pedestrians falling and hurting themselves.

An Injured Person has Rights

Often when people fall, they may be embarrassed or think it’s just not a big deal and fail to pursue their rights. However, any injury should be treated seriously and those who do fall should seek medical treatment without delay. A fall is not always a simple matter — serious injuries can occur such as back or neck injuries and broken bones. These injuries may require medical treatment and extensive therapy, which can also lead to high treatment costs.

Although we know to take care and proceed with caution during a winter storm, sometimes an individual is injured as a result of slipping and falling on negligently maintained icy streets and sidewalks. Under those types of circumstances, victims may be entitled to compensation for the damages they suffered as a result.

Who May be Liable for Your Injuries?

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe no matter the season. Winter storms do not initiate a free pass to clearing sidewalks, entryways, parking lots and other walkways free of hazardous snow, slush and ice. Once a storm concludes, if an owner fails to properly maintain their property in a reasonable amount of time (within four hours after a storm ends in New York) and people are injured as a result, the victim may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

The type of damages an injured party may be entitled to will depend on the circumstances surrounding the injury and the type and severity of the injury. Some common types of damages resulting from a personal injury claim may include monetary compensation for medical care, future medical treatment, loss of income (due to inability to work), loss of future income and pain and suffering.

To learn more about what types of compensation you may be entitled to, it is important to speak with a New York personal injury attorney knowledgeable in slip and fall claims. A lawyer can investigate the situation that caused your injury, explain your legal rights and help you pursue your claims to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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