Workers Comp Checklist

The following checklist can help you recover from your work injury and get back to work, as soon as possible.

Your Doctor

Your doctor will require the following workers' compensation information:

  • Insurance Claim number
  • New York-DWC claim number
  • Insurance adjuster's name and phone number
  • Information about your job
  • Your employer's contact information

Whats expected of you!

  1. Go to all your doctor appointments.
  2. Follow your doctor's directions carefully
  3. Discuss with your doctor whether you should continue to work.
  4. Your doctor should have all the information necessary about your job including job description.
  5. Keep an open line of communication with your doctor, so that your recovery will go smoothly.
  6. Follow your doctors orders

You and your employer

  1. Make sure that you are within your company workers compensation policies and requirements.
  2. Your employer should be informed and up to date on your recovery progress.
  3. Keep an open line of communication with your employer about your work as wellas recovery.
  4. If anything changes regarding your work status, notify your employer immediately.

Back To Work

  1. Stay within the suggestion of your doctor regarding your medical restriction and recovery.
  2. Keep your employer in the loopso that your return to work will be as productive as possible considering your medical limitations.
  3. Determine along with your employer what work you can do while you are getting healing.
  4. Let your employer know of any concerns that may relate to your health and job performance.

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