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Pulled muscles can happen anywhere, at any time, including in the home, at work lifting heavy objects, but certain muscles have a high risk of strain when playing sports.

Hamstrings for instance have an increased injury risk during sports activities hindering an athlete's performance. When an athlete pushes the limit and forces a muscle to move outside it's comfort zone, the chances of muscle tear is high.

Other muscle strains include lower back pain, caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs down the leg which results in the muscles tightening.

Hamstring strains are common when playing: football, rugby, volleyball, track, and catapult sports. Injuries statistically have occurred during warm-up, training or in a game. Muscle and lumbar sprains are the most common causes of low back pain. Any sport can tear the muscles and tendons of the lower back.

Lumbar strain occur in sports that require pushing or pulling against resistance, such as weight lifting, football, basketball, baseball, or golf. Treatment would require physical therapy and exercises in order to strengthen the abdomen muscles and stretch the back muscles to restore strength and flexibility.

Another common sport injury includes shin splints, known as anterior compartment syndrome, common in tennis players, basketball players, dancers, and runners. These injuries occur from repetitive strain of the muscles between the shinbones, and shin splints, and can be very painful.

Patients have complained of pain in the lower leg between the ankle and knee. Swollen muscles press on blood vessels, thus transferring stress to the bones, causing tiny cracks.

The right sports medicine doctor understands the necessary treatments that help any athlete recover from his or her injuries. Call now to find local sports injury doctors in New York that can set-up treatment plans, ensuring proper recovery.

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