Pain Clinic in Brooklyn Introduces Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal

Pain Clinic in Brooklyn, NY — Anyone suffering from chronic pain can now head to Spine Sports & Interventional Pain Medicine, P.C. in Brooklyn, New York for specialized pain care and injury treatment. The pain management clinic in Brooklyn, New York, is located at 186 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 which is on the 3rd floor of the building, is now accepting new patients.

The pain clinic, which is part of the MSR pain and injury network, is offering the services as an expansion of the Pain Management Center for patients Brooklyn, New York.

SANJEEV AGARWAL, MD, MS (Ortho), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Brooklyn, NY

SANJEEV AGARWAL, MD, MS (Ortho), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Brooklyn, NY

“This full service pain center in Brooklyn, NY,” says Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal, the medical director at the Spine Sports & Interventional Pain Medicine, P.C. pain center. The facility sees 100’s of patients monthly. Many of those people come from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYC and New Jersey.” he said.

“We were thrilled that Dr. Sanjeev has joined our “doctors dedicated to healing” pain physicians network,” said a representative at Musculoskeletal Resources pain and Injury. “He is specially certified in pain management and extraordinary physician. We know there is a demand for pain management in Brooklyn, NY.”

The MSR network of pain management doctors is growing throughout New York, as the local demand for pain management services and injury rehabilitation grows.

The community will be thrilled to know that Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal with Spine Sports & Interventional Pain Medicine, P.C. offers comprehensive pain management. Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal through a thorough evaluation, gets to know (the patient’s) history, see what’s worked and failed,” and from there will devise an individualized pain management treatment.

Many of the patients Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal sees suffer from back pain or neck pain (spine injury), degeneration of joints, hips and shoulders. Patients are treated utilizing effective interventional, and non surgical rehab treatments. The objective is alleviating pain from injury. Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal accepts workers compensation insurance and no fault insurance.

If you were injured in an auto accident, work injury, sports injury,  get quality medical care today. For more information on Dr. Sanjeev Agarwa and Spine Sports & Interventional Pain Medicine, P.C. is available by calling 1-800-949-6100 at

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