Athlete injury – When to see a doctor

Sports Injury: Seeing a doctor vs. ignoring the pain

When is it time to see an athlete injury doctor? Tennis players, swimmers, cyclists or runners run the risk of suffering tennis elbow, an aching shoulder, sore knees or pain in your heel. Whether your a professional athlete or a weekend warrior working out and physical performance is a way of life that you cherish. Seeing an athletes doctor would probably be better than toughing it out. Seeing a sports medicine specialist ensures that your being seen by a physician that understands running injuries.

Individuals that compete in marathons, triathlons, and swim meets are no strangers to sore knees, pulled hamstring, heel or hip pain. The red flags that suggest an athlete seek medical attention immediately include chronic pain that worsens, pain through the night, joint inflammation or bruising, and joints that become unstable. If your not getting better naturally, seeing a doctor would be in your best interest. Sore knees are quite common among runners. Typically Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) would be the natural choice for any athlete experiencing pain and inflammation.

Pain or tenderness in a muscle or tendon can be temporarily be relived with cortisone injections. Small labral tears in the hip, rotator-cuff tears, rips in the tendons can worsen over time. Athletes that suffer chronic aching painful joints should seek medical attention from a sports medicine doctor to determine the cause of the injury. Runners suffering knee pain, may be a result of a tight iliotibial band, (common overuse injuries among runners) which locks the knee, straining the gluteus muscles.

Doctors that effectively treat athlete injury do not have them come in and just lay on an exam table. Your doctor after reviewing diagnostics tests, will determining a treatment plan or injury prevention. Treatment plans may include pain relief Injections, at-home exercises, physical therapy, or diet.

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