Are Four Limbs Worth $18 Million? Quadruple Amputee Gets Big Settlement From NYC, Brooklyn Hospital

Four years after her horrible ordeal began 32-year-old Tabitha Mullings, who became a quadruple amputee after a hospital “mistake,” is getting a hefty $17.9 million payday. After three years going through the courts, Brooklyn Hospital and its doctors have agreed to settle and fork over $9.4 million (the city will pay $8.5 million). Not quite the $100 million she originally was shooting for, but nothing to scoff at either.

Brooklyn Hospital, however, still says it gave Mullings “excellent care.” It just “decided to settle because a sympathetic jury would have been swayed by her ‘profound’ injuries.”

You’ll recall that back in September of 2008, Mullings went to Brookln Hospital in pain and was diagnosed with a kidney stone. She received painkillers and was sent home. But it turned out she had an infection that “choked off blood flow to her hands and feet and she lapsed into a semi-coma for two weeks,” leaving gangrene to set in. Doctors eventualy had to amputate all her limbs and she was left blind in one eye. She now wears her engagement ring around her neck.

Still, Mullings hasn’t let her setbacks bring her down, too much. Told of the settlement today the mother of three boys said, “Now that the lawsuit is behind me, I look forward to going on with my life and caring for my children the best I can. I pray what happens to me never happens to anyone again.”