Preparing To Prevent Drowning’s And Water Related Injuries

Memorial Day unofficially kicks off the Summer, and swimming is undeniably refreshing, but it can also be dangerous.

The Kings Pointe Waterpark opens this weekend, and management expects roughly 3,000 people to go down their slides. To get ready, the staff held an intense training session to prepare for the worst…

“It was basically like you just saw a little bit ago. We had somebody come out. It wasn’t as severe. They were fully conscience, basically we had to get him on a backboard, because we suspected an injury,” said King Pointe’s Head Lifeguard, Alex Lenhard

The training included the victim’s parents running around frantically scared for their daughter.

“It would be similar to that in a normal situation, because that mother’s daughter was dying right there on the ground basically, so she would be in extreme distress, and our water park guards would have to know how to handle it,” said Sarah Larson, Kings Pointe Waterpark Manager.

Parents play a big role in preventing drownings, and other water related injuries.

“It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure they’re watching the kids. The lifeguards are there to help if need be, but it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids stay safe,” said Nick Edwards, Kings Pointe Waterpark Director.

The water park staff encourages people to have fun this weekend, but more importantly to stay safe.