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New York Car Accident Verdicts

The average car/truck/motorcycle accident verdict in New York is $837,020, which is stunningly high compared to most other jurisdictions. Why is this? Are New York jurors just that much more generous than, say, jurors in Maryland? The answer is that New York’s no-fault accident law requires that plaintiffs suffer a “serious injury” before a lawsuit …

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Upstate’s woes are city’s problem, too

“I think that proportionately, the cuts inflicted on New York City are an outrage. We’re the one that is generating the money.” —Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the state budget The mayor has a beef with the governor and the Legislature. The just-adopted state budget, while painful for many, is too hard on New York City. …

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Transferring workers comp liabilities

Terminated group self-insurance trusts in New York may apply to the state Workers’ Compensation Board to transfer their workers compensation liabilities by purchasing loss portfolio insurance, which the state calls an assumption-of-liability policy. In a December circular, the Workers’ Compensation Board said such a policy must be: • In a form approved by the superintendent …

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$325,000 For Injured NYPD Cop

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City police officer who was denied a tax-free injury pension after she was shot in the hand will get $325,000. The award settles a federal lawsuit filed by Officer Pamela Walker. Walker was shot during an annual weapons inspection at a Manhattan precinct in 2002. Court papers say …

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Facebook sued by family of murder victim after grisly picture posted

(CBS/WCBS) – The outraged family of New York murder victim Caroline Wimmer is taking on Facebook. A paramedic took a cell phone photo of the crime scene and posted it on the site in a case of what parents Martha and Ronald Wimmer are calling “disrespecting the dead.” “This is on the second anniversary of …

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New York state offers $45M to end civil service test bias lawsuit

ALBANY — If all goes as planned, New York state will begin paying off a $45 million settlement in a month to resolve a little-publicized civil rights lawsuit. Known as Simpson v. NYS Civil Service Commission, the battle dates to the late 1990s and involved more than 4,000 black and Hispanic state workers and job …

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NY judge limits NFL in workers comp cases

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Ruling prevents NFL from applying workers comp benefits offset

NEW YORK—A federal judge ruled National Football League team owners cannot apply a certain offset against workers compensation benefits paid to former players injured while playing. U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty of the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, ruled Friday that contract language does not allow the team owners to apply …

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Special Report: Workers’ Compensation History

Pirates of the 18th century and a 19th century German “Iron” Chancellor preceded the United States in the creation of a social system for the protection of injured workers. The modern U.S. workers’ compensation system owes parts of its existence to this parentage. Arrrrg, I’m Hurt! Pirates, contrary to popular myth, proved to be highly …

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Developers in New York Try to Ease Prickly Relations

The subway escalators that run under the brick high-rise at the corner of East 15th Street in Union Square have long been in a near-constant state of disrepair. The developer of the building, a condominium named Zeckendorf Towers, built the escalators in the 1980s as a public benefit in exchange for approvals to develop the …

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