Aug 28

National Pain Awareness Month

September Is National Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month.

September is Pain Awareness Month. New York Doctors Want To Hear your Story.

Tell us your pain story:

We want to hear your story. In acknowledgement of National Pain Awareness Month we will publish your story to our blog as an effort to build awareness around the struggle of 25.3 million U.S. adults in pain in our country.

We encourage anyone who would like to share their story to submit to holly@painandinjury.com

Include in you story:

  1. What type of chronic pain are you experiencing?
  2. How has it effected the quality of your life.
  3. What types of treatments have you pursued in hopes of relief.

Your contribution to our  blog will be our way of giving you a voice. We acknowledge that pain happens and your pain is real.

If you suffer from chronic pain an have exhausted every effort New York Pain Doctors in your area to find out what pain management treatment are available that you have yet to consider.  We would like to help.

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