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Finding A Pain Specialist

Breaking News Finding A Pain Specialist Just Got Easier

Finding a pain specialist in New York State just got easier. Musculoskeletal Resource an organization that spans the greater New York area provides a network of pain specialists in New York and New Jersey. These  board certified doctors dedicated to healing offer new FDA approved pain treatments to patients suffering chronic pain. Your health both physical and mental should matter to the doctor you see regularly. When injured, in pain you need to see a pain management specialist near you.

You have every right to be selective when choosing a physician. You need to be assured that you are confident that the doctor you choose has the  qualifications, and skills to give you the care necessary to get better. MSR doctors are committed to doing just that.

Do your homework. Your doctor should be one that you trust in, confide in, share your fears, anxiety and stressful feelings with. MSR makes selecting a doctor easier. If your looking for a board certified, pain specialist that offers certain pain treatments, you may want to finding a doctor consider searching through MSR’s doctors network.

Are you suffering neck pain, low back pain, shoulder, leg or knee pain? Start living a pain free life! Now trending, #painfreelife Find Your Doctor!

Finding A Pain Specialist: Best Doctors Best Treatments NY

Finding A Pain Specialist: Best Doctors Best Treatments NY

Pain Relief Treatments

Chronic pain treatments offered by MSR doctors vary according to the patients needs and medical history. Pain relief may include controversial opioids when managing long term, moderate to severe pain. There are now other pain treatment options that provide a less addictive affect. Medical Marijuana, injection nerve blocks, or Botox may be suitable for patients suffering chronic pain. MSR Doctors, experienced in treating pain can educate patients on what may be best for them short or long term.

Injection Therapy

Injections of substances into trigger points or other areas of the body can offer successful nonsurgical treatment options for chronic pain.

Botox Injections

Botox is a purified neurotoxin complex protein produced from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. BOTOX TM (can)  be used to relieve neck muscles. A qualified doctor will determine the number of injections you will receive and the injection sites.

If you have any questions regarding whether BOTOX is for you, refer to a Medical Professional trained in BOTOX injections. Contact Dr. Matthew Kalter in Smithtown, NY or Dr. Michael Monfett in NYC. for information on Botox and how it can relieve your pain.

Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Prolotherapy involves specific injection to shorten and strengthen stretched out ligaments to restore proper joint stability.  This technique has been used since the 1930s and has application in multiple body parts to treat acute and chronic dysfunction. Recent break-through P.R.P. injections concentrate our body’s own natural healing properties to magnify the effect of Prolotherapy. P.R.P.’s application is not limited to ligaments but
to many other tissues as well .  It provides much faster healing relief than Prolotherapy, without the risk of side effects from chemical agents.

Medical Marijuana M.M.

Medical Marijuana (M.M)  is available by prescription at this time in New York State, for qualifying individuals. A large number of studies have proven certain components of the Cannabis plant to be effective in the treatment of some chronic pain conditions.  By utilizing MSR’s doctor network you will be able to find a medical marijuana treating Doctor.


Therapeutic intervention delivered by registered physiotherapists can promote optimal mobility, increase activity levels and rehabilitate injuries and diseases. Education and maintenance programs prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or functional decline. After a thorough examination, a physiatrist can provide pain management treatments that can include manual “Hands on” therapy, therapeutic machines, anatomical acupuncture and specific mobility/strengthening exercises.  These treatments will help to reduce pain, improve physical fitness and prevent further strain/future injuries.


Regular exercise recommended by your attending physician can help patients deal with pain. Gentle slow movements such as stretching, yoga and tai chi exercises release nutrients and endorphins, oxygenates the blood and releases toxins, contributing to both mental and physical well being.


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