Leading Industry Expert Releases Debut Book ‘How to Save Big on Workers’ Compensation’

Purchase, NY (PRWEB) September 26, 2011

According to the just-released business book “How to Save Big on Workers’ Compensation: With Insights from Leading Industry Experts” by industry veteran Adam Friedlander, creating a culture of caring for employees’ well-being is the single most important step in saving money on workers’ compensation.

A digestible guide for businesses large and small, human resources professionals and the insurance community, Friedlander offers actionable, money-saving ideas that enable employers to operate at optimal levels. “How to Save Big on Workers’ Compensation” features exclusive interviews with leading industry experts, including Larry LaPointe, former director of the Division of Confidential Investigations at the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF); Ed Hiller, director of Claims and Medical Operations for NYSIF; Brian Mittman, the managing partner of Markhoff & Mittman, a law firm that helps injured workers; Robert Firmbach, a veteran loss-control and safety expert; Eileen Preiato, the Friedlander Group Claims Solution™ manager; and Cosmo Preiato, executive vice president of Friedlander Group and head of Safety Group Underwriting and Operations.

The book also features success stories from a variety of businesses—restaurants, hotels, retailers—that detail their individual culture of caring and safety, which has ultimately led to increased productivity and profits.

“Workers’ compensation is a lightning rod for many employers” says Friedlander. “In comparison to payroll, rent and health insurance costs, workers’ comp is small. Nonetheless, most employers have a negative reaction to this expense. They believe workers’ comp is another tax and overregulation. Some don’t believe that employee claims are legitimate. The truth is that the costs to an organization generated by injured employees extend far beyond increased premiums. My book helps business owners realize that all claims are not beyond their control. Where safety is an integral part of the business culture, there are fewer claims, less fraud and lower premiums. Employers need to understand that their employees are their greatest asset. Can you win your World Series without your team working optimally?”

“How to Save Big on Workers’ Compensation: With Insights from Leading Industry Experts” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. For more information, visit http://www.howtosavebigonworkerscompensation.com.

About the Author
Adam Friedlander is president of Friedlander Group, Inc., a workers’ compensation company for retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels/motels and oil dealers in New York. Adam started his career in insurance in 1983, working for his father, Bert Friedlander. Bert began his career in the insurance industry working with his father, Harold Friedlander. In 1985, the Friedlander Group formed the first of seven workers’ compensation safety groups. Adam has published several articles on insurance and group self-insured workers’ compensation trusts.

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