Travelers: Summer is workers’ comp season

Watch it! Summer is peak season for workers’ compensation claims at small businesses, and those aged 30 and under are most prone to injury, Travelers Cos. Inc. says.

From June through September, workers’ compensation claims at small businesses are at their peak, the the New York property-casualty insurer with Hartford operations says, citing an analysis of its claims data.

Lower back strains and other back-related injuries and injuries from slips, trips and falls are the most common, and workers under 30 years old comprise almost one third of those sustaining on-the-job injuries, the insurer said.

Workers compensation is an insurance that business owners provide to employees that pays for medical care and physical rehabilitation of injured workers and helps to replace lost wages while they are unable to work.

Noting the 100th anniversary of workers’ comp insurance, Travelers says there are some things businesses can do to minimize on-the-job injuries and claims:

Sound hiring practices — Make workplace safety part of the screening process. Employers should inquire about a prospective employee’s attitude toward safety issues during the hiring process.

Orientation and training – Safety training of any sort should include: a focus on emergency procedures; a review of safe work practices; a reminder about required personal protective equipment; and a review of employee protocol should an accident occur.

Active Supervision – Promoting safe work practices through active supervision is a key to curbing workers compensation risks. Reinforcing the fact that the safety practices and procedures in place will protect employees is an important responsibility for all small business owners.

Accident Response – Business owners need to ensure that employees understand that there is a process in place in the event they do get injured on the job. This process allows employees to get the necessary care and attention they need in a prompt fashion from a qualified physician.

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