Extraordinary Motivation: Jaime Overcomes Pain to Return to Fitness

By Ben Waldman

I keep saying that the only excuses that keep us from exercising are the ones we allow, and that most of what keeps us from being healthy is psychological. Well, what about when those excuses aren’t just in your head? My father blames his knees after years of playing baseball when he was younger. My best friend blames a shoulder injury from a car accident back in high school. A coworker blames her flat feet. Another friend blames a “fragile bone structure.” Right.

Such excuses (okay, most) should not be taken lightly. You should always consult a doctor before starting an exercise regiment or when in pain. However, these reasons are not a death sentence – they’re merely obstacles to overcome. With proper training and willpower, almost anyone can lead an active lifestyle. Just ask Jaime S.

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